Fresh & Ethically Sourced


Ethically Sourced

Shisso Tea provides ethically, environmentally and socially sustainable tea. Source only from suppliers, farmers and not-for profits dedicated to quality, sustainability and making a positive impact in the tea industry as well as the tea growing communities. As we build our brand we will continue to build our contacts in each country of origin with more and more growers. In addition to our ethical standards 15% of your purchase will be given back to our non-profit tea partners in the countries of origin we source from.

Spheres of Influence

Shisso Tea offers customers the opportunity to purchase fresh, socially conscious tea. Supporting our business means participating in an enterprise of:

Sustainability (environmental, economic, and social)

Ethical purchasing (farm direct trade)

Purity of product (simple and wholesome ingredients)

Eco-friendly packaging (reusable or biodegradable)

Tea Education (tea culture and farm stories, health benefits of tea, as well as brewing and tasting techniques) supporting cultural preservation