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Shisso Tea is creating an elevated tea experience by sourcing ethically while sharing an ancient spiritual & culturally rich tradition.

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Our Challenge

The Inception of Shisso Tea began long ago with our founder Vanessa Grace Chislett first stepping into the tea industry almost 15 years ago when she started employment at a local tea house in Calgary Alberta called Steeps Tea House. Since then, the tea seed was planted in her mind, she began her journey of refining her business model, observing the market and watching tea's north american market go through multiple waves. She knew early on that if she were going to build a company whose intentional business model would shift the way that we experience tea here, she needed to create a company with ethical and sustainable practices. As she dove into the rabbit hole of tea's history, she discovered that the results of colonization are still impacting the tea growing communities today and that consumerism in our society has blinded us from connecting with what's really happening.

Up until the last 5 years, our experience of tea here in Canada and the US has reflected some of the ugliest issues with our food industry over all. From a lack of transparency in our supply chain, a lack of education to our tea drinkers as to some of the major violations of human rights such as; sex & drug trafficking, inequality and modern day slavery. The way we see it, the flavour filled, added ingredient focus and sugar filled tea offerings we are so accustomed to here in NA is a reflection of our disconnect to teas being sourced ethically and sustainably.

This challenge has resulted in us earnestly remodelling, redefining and refining our business model and our entry into the market. This paired with the perfect timing has been as intentional as making a cup of tea at the right temperature for the right time of infusion. Recent statistics show that tea in 2019 is growing 4x faster than coffee. Tea is currently entering into its "third wave" and we are ready to catch that wave. Help us catch this wave and make a major positive impact on the future of the tea industry.

About The campaign

Our Mission & Vision

We want to share with you our fresh, ethically-sourced tea, from farmers with whom we cultivate tenable relationships. We are committed to bridging the gap between you and our tea growers to create a collective catalyst of economic, social and environmental sustainability. 

We elevate you teetotaler’s knowledge through sharing the historical, cultural, spiritual and medicinal roots of tea from each country of origin. It is our mission to establish Shisso Tea as a multinational social enterprise by creating our own supply chain, allowing us to bring fresh single-origin tea, directly from farm to cup, and giving a portion of our profits back from each cup sold to farm.

You're subscription will help us establish our branding & packaging, create an interactive user experience through our website and enable us to visit our tea growing partners in China. We will not be able to move forward without your support. We look forward to celebrating this next chapter in the evolution of Shisso Tea and are eternally grateful.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to bringing tea from farm to cup, and giving back from cup to farm. Our mandate also includes empowering our tea garden partners by donating 10% (wholesale) and 15% (retail) of our net sales into our sustainability fund. This fund gives back to our global nonprofit partners GoodWorks Coffee & Tea and Danyun, who work directly with tea farms to provide resources for social, economic and environmental development in farming regions.

By supporting this crowdfunding campaign, 100% of our purchase of tea from Danyun will go directly into the Social and Economic Development they are doing in Yunnan China. We are then committed to adding another 10% of our profits from this campaign to donating back to their charitable organization. Help us get to Yunnan to connect with Danyun Fair Trade. Read more about Our Purpose and our Charitable Giving Partners here.


The vagabond: year long relationship

Includes: One 50g unit of tea delivered to your door each month for 12 months with an additional 50g surprise at the end of your subscription.


Sourcing trip to Yunnan

Join on an epic journey to travel to visit our tea growing partners in China. This reward will include; Flights, Transportation, Stay and Food.


Shisso Tea Japanese Experience

Includes: 5 Limited Edition 100g Japanese Teas in Japanese Copper tins, Matcha, Matcha Bowl, Whisk, Holder, Stand and a copy of The Book of Tea.