Vanessa Chislett

Founder & Owner

ENFP | Enneagram 7 | Entrepreneur | Tea Sommelier in the Making | Game Changer | Grace&Humility

Tea has always been something dear to my heart. As a child I grew up in a household where Red Rose was the only choice, according to my father. One of his favourite lines to tell us in his expression of love was this, “I wouldn’t trade you for all the tea in China.” This is something that has rang through the mountains of my memory for many years as I have traveled along the path towards my ascending love for tea.

Many years later, in the days of my youth, tea became an incredibly special thing to me through the form of a little tea house on 17th Avenue called Steeps in 2005. I remember the first time I set foot in those doors; the sweet aroma which hit you like the inviting lure of many far away places, to the comfort of each piece of antique furniture which evoked nostalgia like the budding flowers of spring. It felt as though I had walked into a portal, like a doorway to each country of origin. Every visit, each tea explored as they elated my taste buds was a discovery, like treasure found, washed up by the tide, upon the shoreline of my favourite beach. 

I soon fell in love with each country of origin, each culture surrounding the cultivation, harvest and preparation of each tea was. As my knowledge grew and my palate developed, my passion for tea, for the global tea growing communities, and the beauty of each unique ceremony grew. I knew this was a journey which I would never turn back from.