Spheres of influence

transparency & Sustainability




Purity of product

In order to ensure we are sourcing the highest quality tea in the North America we will be creating and implementing an intensive testing program by partnering with a local food laboratory.

With each direct farm partnership, we will use ANP Technologies Inc.’s NIDS Pesticide Test to ensure our teas are free of chemicals and any other major contaminants on site.

Country of Origin

We are dedicated to freely offering our customers the geographical information of; country of origin, province, region and elevation of growth as we build our farm direct partnerships.

Farm Direct partnerships

We desire to share the stories of our farming partners, their history and the cultural roots which their tea, processing and ceremonies have been cultivated in. Our hopes in sharing these stories is to support and promote cultural preservation


Tea Sommelier Training

We will offer extensive training to all our employees by enrolling them in the Tea Sommelier Certification program through the Academy of Tea. This program elevates our staffs knowledge in; tea types, tea culture, health benefits of tea, brewing and tasting techniques etc.

Tea & Botany index {BloG}

Our Tea & Botany Index offers our Woke Folks an elevated offering of knowledgeable tea topics; Origination, Foundation, Tradition, Evolution, Circulation, Revolution and Creation.

Wholesale Partner training

To ensure that the wisdom is passed on to all our tea loving customers, we offer our wholesale clients a training program tailored to the needs and desires of their customers.



Shisso Tea offers customers the opportunity to purchase fresh, socially conscious tea.
Supporting our business means participating in an enterprise of:


Ethically Sourced

Shisso Tea sources only from suppliers, farmers and not-for profits dedicated to quality, sustainability and making a positive impact in the tea industry as well as the tea growing communities. As we build our brand we will continue to build our contacts in each country of origin with more and more growers.


Shisso Tea Sustainability Fund

In the near future, we are committed to partnering with Vibrant Communities Calgary, Living Wage Canada, and BCorp in order to paying our employees a living wage in each province of operation.

It is our goal to build partnerships with local nonprofits like Mealshare, Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids and Leftovers Foundation.

Our mandate also includes empowering our tea garden partners by donating 10% (wholesale) and 15% (retail) of our net sales into our sustainability fund.


Eco-friendly packaging: (reusable or biodegradable)

We are committed to using eco-friendly products from our packaging to our cups and containers.

environmental partnerships

We intend to commit to a eco-friendly by partnering with Virtuoso, Bullfrog Power and eventually partnering with Tesla Energy for both a local and global upgrade across our supply chain.