Hello lovelies! Vanessa here. I created Shisso out of a desire for community, inner peace, and wellness. My earliest memories are a tornado of chaos. I grew up the middle child of five, and my single mom ran a daycare in our home. I found serenity in a tea house over a decade ago. The aroma of faraway places spiced quiet conversation; sweet, earthy, and warm. Tea became a portal for travel, for sanctuary, for nourishment

Tea cultivates mindfulness, a deep gratitude for other cultures, and an appreciation for plants as medicine. It represents the intersection of solitude and community. Tea extends an invitation into craft, and ritual. What might it look like to create a community of people who want to drink incredible tea while using their buying power to make a massive positive impact in the global tea community?  An intentional devotion to rest, thanks, and ceremony. What might it also look like for us to offer you an experience which engages your senses and invites you back into your body, while simultaneously transporting you across oceans>

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