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Our Ethical Tea Tribe is a community of tea lovers who care about where their cuppa comes from, who want to know their dollars are making a difference and who want to gain serenity from the ceremony.

At Shisso Tea, our Spheres of Influence can be summed up in two words: Transparency & Sustainability.

We want to know about each set of hands along the leaves journey from the garden to clay cup and the distance it’s travelled to arrive there. We want to taste fresh batches of teas not passed through countless middle men, to establish traceability and transparency within our supply chain.

We want to experience the fullness of each teas origin, its history, culture of its peoples and the traditional ceremonies which it embodies.

We want to know that each cup we drink contains only the purest of Camellia Sinensis, botanicals and essential oils. We want to share the wealthy knowledge of tea’s nutritional, medicinal and healing properties. We want you to feel incredible, body, mind and soul with each sip of Shisso Tea.

We want to create a movement in the tea industry, to advocate for the voices unheard and for our dollars to make a difference.

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